Hello, my name is Tim Hyde and I own Conpacks Studios. 

I was born on Feburary 9, 1987 in Orange County, California. I attended my first comic con in 2011 and was hooked ever since.  I started to work with a few artists in the industry and started to represent them at cons.  After over 5 year of doing over 40 cons a year, I came to the realization that it was my time to strike.  I saw the opportunity to spread my knowledge of the industry to other artists, celebrity talent, actors, actresses, wrestlers etc..  I launched Conpacks Studios shortly after and have a growing list of great talent.

Fun facts about me…

-I have worked and attended over 300 conventions.

-I love to travel and my favorite place is Europe (South of France, Belgium, Germany and Spain)

-I have a degree in marketing along with 2 minors in business, certificate in entrepreneurship and certificate in economics.

-I love french fries and collect tiki mugs.


(A fresh Pineapple Mai Tai with one of my favorite staff members)